“The idea is to find chicness. I think there’s an absolute beauty that exists within every moment in culture, and so I’m trying to make things that are youthful, timely and timeless, but in a quality that’s surprising.” - Virgil Abloh

This quote can be thought of in many ways. But we feel it perfectly describes what we mean when we say "capture it all". We unfortunately do not have the ability to be in multiple places at once. So the goal of Liny's Booth is to be able to capture those beautiful memories that we "miss" so that we can still be apart of them. These photos are a moment in time, a piece of our own time lines and we just want to make sure that they are the best quality in order for them to last you the rest of your lives.

The beauty in what we capture is what we love most. Small grins, gentle smiles and crying with laughter, all caught in one album. Liny's Booth is here to share with you the memories others will keep in their hearts from your special day no matter what you are celebrating!